Haleemah Atobiloye

Hi, I'm Haleemah!

I’m a mixed-method social science researcher, with a focus on the international political economy. My research interests and work explores the international political economy of (African) Trade Policies. Poverty. Emerging Markets. Pan-Africanism. (African) Feminism. Development. Race. (Modern) Slavery.

My Research Process

I often use a merge of qualitative methods (interviews, surveys, observations, secondary qualitative data) and quantitative (often descriptive) methods for my data collection and analysis as this arguably reveals deeper insights. 

My Research Philosophy

To be an excellent researcher, you have to be an excellent storyteller as every piece of data contains a story waiting to be unraveled.

I love hearing people's stories

To share (social science) stories, say hello, compliment the hard work I put into creating the poses in the GIF at the top of this page, or for research (collaboration) opportunities,

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