Course Code: ECON 5500

Course Title: Development Economics

Paper Title: On Growing Nigeria’s Economy.

Course Code: ES 5831

Course Title: Sustainability Assessment

Presentation Title: A Critique Of McKinsey & Company’s 2020 Sustainability Report.

Course Code: SOC 5500

Course Title: Data Analysis

Content: My R Syntax

Course Code: POLS 5765

Course Title: Postcolonial Politics

Paper Title: “This Is Not The Africa I Want!”: An Autoethnographic Postcolonial Feminist Critique Of The African Continental Free Trade Area In Sub-Saharan Africa.

Course Code: IR 736

Course Title: International Development and Globalization

Paper Title: What about non-Western alternatives? An examination of Rotating Savings and Credit Association in Precolonial, Colonial, and Postcolonial Nigeria.

M.A. Capstone Research Project Title: “This is the Africa We Want”: A Discursive Construction Of The 21st Century Pan-African Political Economy.