Sustainable Entrepreneurship Skill Acquisition Program, Oyo State, Nigeria   Jan 2017 – Oct 2017

This sustainable entrepreneurship skill acquisition program is a personal poverty reduction community development project carried out at Oba Abass Aleshinloye Grammar School – a public high school in Oyo State, located in the South-West region of Nigeria during my term as the 2016/17 Vice President of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Oyo State Chapter Group. 


Conducted market research to design a successful and culturally relevant impact project which attracted 50+ students, had a 96% (mo/mo) attendee retention rate, and equipped these low-income and marginalized students with 4 profitable entrepreneurship skills. 

– Designed the project cycle which included planning, designing a Theory of Change, strategy, execution, and an impact assessment framework which was 92% adhered to. 

Organized and facilitated meetings with 6+ relevant stakeholders and 15+ potential partners to accomplish the project’s goals. 


Launched and oversaw a 3-month sustainable entrepreneurship training program for 50+ senior students to be trained in hairdressing, catering, cosmetology, introduction to Microsoft Word which is estimated to result in a 1.2% reduction in Oyo state overall poverty numbers in the next 5 years. 

– Created spreadsheets to compile both qualitative and quantitative data to 

– Recruited and supervised a team of 6 people to coordinate logistics, negotiations, partnerships, and effective management of the project. 


Analyzed 90% accurate data to effectively report and communicate the findings and summary of this project. 

– Authored a 20+ page comprehensive report outlining the details of the project.